Sunday, September 16, 2007

MS 150 Bike Tour

Last weekend I participated in the MS 150 Bike Tour around La Conner, Washington. When I first started working at Microsoft I used to see a bunch of posters in the hallways for the “MS 150.” I used to think that “MS” stood for Microsoft and that Microsoft sponsored the event. The MS actually stands for Multiple Sclerosis and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society organizes a series of over 100 bike tours around the country to raise money to fight the disease. Since the event came to Washington in 1994, the Microsoft team has had the most riders and raised the most money. Until this year! This year Team Microsoft is in second place for fundraising, with a total of $106,922.51 raised, behind an investment services company Merriman Berkman Next, which has raised $108,706.29. Even though the ride is over, we have until October 17th to complete the fundraising. If you want to make a donation to this valuable clause you can do it at my online rider page. All donations are tax deductible, eligible for Microsoft matching funds, and will go towards Microsoft’s team total.

The MS Bike Tour is not only for a great cause, it’s a great ride. I did a few bike rides this summer, including the Seattle to Portland (STP) ride, and I think this is the best one. It has the best scenery and the best rider support. Since its for a good cause, they are able to attract a lot of volunteers to put up signs and direct traffic so you know where you are going and feel safe.

But it’s really the scenery that made this ride the best, with many miles along the coast. 25 miles into the first ride we came to Deception Pass a bridge that takes you to Whidbey Island. I’ve never heard of Deception Pass before, but it’s actually the most visited park in Washington State. Some photos of the pass:

The other highlight of the trip was ride along Chuckanut Drive, along the coast just south of Bellingham. Chuckanut drive is a winding, rolling road with views like this:

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