Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Bruxism

The xray's on the wall confirmed the diagnosis, it's bruxism. Which means my body is literally eating itself alive. I got fitted for the prosthetic which should be here in a few days, great.

I've never been a quitter so I've been looking online to see what I can do. But if wikipedia is any even half right when it say, "There is no accepted cure for bruxism." I'm not feeling too optimistic.

I wanted to prepare my friends and family for what some of the long term effects are going to be. The image below describes the degenerative effects of the disease--please don't make fun of me when it happens.

But I haven't totally given up hope, in my research I've come across U.S. Patent #5,078,153 filed Jan. 7, 1992 which uses electromyography for the treatment of temporomandibular disorders. It looks promising.

Unfortunately this was on a Web page called "Unrecommended Bruxism Treatments", but it may be my only shot.

If there are any other "bruxers" out there who want to chat drop me a line.

Thanks for reading. This is probably going to be last post for a while.

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Ryan said...

Hey - old post but I bet you've discovered by now that having a mouthguard is like a highschool flashback.

i was diagnosed five years ago and only now am beginning to take it seriously. slowly grinding my teeth to pulp.

my experience: bruxism is at heart a stress-related thing. i have taken up meditation and am drinking less coffee than when i was younger, and had more teeth.