Sunday, January 18, 2009

Homestyle Japanese Food from Masae’s Kitchen

This is some of the awesome food my mother in law made when I visited them in Japan.

Homemade PicklesHomemade Pickles

Kimpura Lotus Root Kimpura Lotus Root

Oden (Japanese Stew)OdenOden Bowl

Mendaiko Onigiro (Rice Balls filled with Spicy Cod Roe)Onigiri

Homemade Red Kabu Pickles (Red Turnip)


Breakfast: Toast, Cheese, Salad, Fruit, CoffeeBreakfast

Cabbage Nimono (Simmered Cabbage) IMG_1592 

Seafood Agemono (Breaded deep-fried squid, prawns, oysters)IMG_1599

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