Friday, May 28, 2010

R.I.P. Alex Heaton

On Friday May 21, 2010 Alex Heaton was found dead in his home in New Orleans of an apparent suicide.

According to “Former three-term state lawmaker Alexander "Alex" Heaton died inside his Carrollton area home from a single gunshot wound to the head, according to New Orleans authorities.”

For those who don't know the history of, before I acquired the domain, it was owned by a group called BIGALCOHOL.COM that used this site to bash this very same Alex Heaton. The archive of this old site from 2004 is still available.

According these unnamed sources, “Heaton has become known as "coward kill heaton" due to the cowardly manner in which he helped killed an alcohol tax increase in 2002 that would pay to treat some of the 35,000 people who are turned away from treatment every year in Louisiana.” and “Once member of Louisiana's political delegation was heard saying that (Heaton)" has blood on his hands."

Both of these quotes are oddly prophetic as he most certainly did have blood on his hands (at least one) and some would say the nickname "coward kill heaton" is now more appropriate than ever.

Non-substantiated rumors aside, this is a great loss to the Alex Heaton community. And the world is a lesser plan now with one less Alex Heaton here.

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