Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oslo, Norway, 2010 City Bike Tour

Oslo is a lot like Seattle, they have lots of green, water, and coffee shops—but its a lot more expensive, the weather seemed better, and they eat open face sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Flytoget train from the airport to downtown the fastest airport train in the world, with a top speed of 130 mph. Even though it is super fast as modern it still has nice nordic touches like wooden seats.
I was here on business so I grabbed lunch at the Microsoft Oslo cafeteria. This Microsoft cafeteria was unlike any I have ever seen and I had an excellent fish soup.   120














Just Kidding. That is not the Microsoft cafeteria. That is the lovely Lofoten Fiskerestaurant in the Aker Brygge complex on waterfront.

This is the Microsoft Oslo cafeteria, where I had my first of many open face sandwiches. First, you pinch slice a loaf and the cracker of your choice. Then you head to the cold case and pick a dish of salmon, crab, shrimp, eggs, cheese, pickled herring, and about a dozen other things I could not recognize.

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And voila, a Norwegian sandwich! Osloites are are very into pastes to put on their sandwiches. the cafeteria had baskets of funky Norwegian condiments like cod roe past, herring paste, bacon paste, and pates.

After business was done it was time to the streets. Oslo has a bike sharing system so you can check out a bike and ride it all around the city.

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The last night I stayed at the Airport Comfort Hotel RunWay. You wouldn’t expect much from a Comfort Hotel at the airport, but this really nice. Very new and modern and the hottest sauna ever.

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